The General Sir John Monash Foundation was established in 2001 with an initial contribution from the Australian Federal Government together with further contributions from corporate and private sponsors and donors. Its purpose is to raise funds for, and to administer, Australia’s own postgraduate scholarships- the John Monash Scholarships- to foster leadership, expertise and international networks, as well as build Australia’s capabilities for the future.

The John Monash Scholarships are postgraduate scholarships awarded to outstanding Australians with leadership potential who wish to study overseas. The John Monash Scholarships are amongst the most important postgraduate scholarships currently available in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in outstanding Australians from all fields of endeavour who demonstrate remarkable qualities of leadership and have the ability to deliver outcomes and inspire others for the benefit of Australia.

Recent News

John Monash Scholars 2018


  • William Witheridge

    William Witheridge

  • Dr Kevin Tan

    Dr Kevin Tan

  • Ahmad Shah Idil

    Ahmad Shah Idil

  • Brighid Sammon

    Brighid Sammon

  • Heather Muir

    Heather Muir

  • Sonia Loudon

    Sonia Loudon