Dr Gemma Sharp

Gemma completed her MSc in the Department of Oncology at Cambridge University in 2010. Her research focused on identifying the cellular origin of the various types of breast cancers, and the tumour-initiating mechanisms employed by these cells. Her analysis and thesis demonstrated that the existence of breast cancer stem cells is not certain, and therefore that the design of therapeutics targeting breast cancer stem cells requires a better understanding of tumour-initiating mechanisms. Since returning to Australia, Gemma has studied psychology and completed a DPhil in Clinical Psychology at Flinders University. She has a strong interest in body image and women’s health research. Her DPhil thesis focused on women’s motivations for female genital cosmetic surgery and the psychological outcomes of this surgery. Her research findings have been widely publicised in both national and international media. Gemma is also a registered psychologist, specialising in the treatment of eating disorders and body image concerns. Gemma is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer at Curtin University.