The Change Agenda

Leadership and Direction for Australia’s Future

The inaugural John Monash Scholars’ Symposium, The Change Agenda: Leadership and Direction for Australia's Future, was held in Oxford on 1 April 2016. A series of presentations from the UK and Europe based John Monash Scholars informed a conversation on global trends and provoked discussion about the appropriate responses to them. Presentations will be released weekly and can be viewed on this page or via our YouTube Channel.

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    Mathematics and why it isn’t as boring as you think

    What is the point of mathematics? Although almost everyone studies it in high-school, few are able to see the purpose of mathematics and the role that algebra and calculus play in the modern world. An often overlooked fact is that… Read more »

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    Global Natural Disaster: Risks and Losses

    Globally, well over $10 trillion in economic losses and over 10 million deaths can be attributed directly to natural disaster events from floods, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes and climatic effects historically.  James will compare the “wine risk” of Australia to some… Read more »

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    Refugees and social capital: A case study from rural Australia

    What are the social effects of refugee resettlement on the community? Several conflicting theories have been put forward to answer this question, but the scant evidence put forward to date has generally been confounded by different factors, such as employment… Read more »

    Presentation Abstracts From The Change Agenda Now Available

    On Friday 1 April 2016, 20 of the UK and Europe based John Monash Scholars presented short presentations as part of the inaugural John Monash Scholars Symposium, at St Hugh’s College in Oxford. Review the presentation abstracts and plan which… Read more »

    The Change Agenda Program

    The Change Agenda program contains the order of proceedings, presenter details and presentation titles and names of the Chairs who will facilitate each session. Hard copies will be available to collect on the day of the Symposium. The Change Agenda… Read more »

    Meet the John Monash Scholars Presenting at The Change Agenda in Oxford

    The Change Agenda Leadership and Direction for Australia’s Future Inaugural John Monash Scholars’ Symposium Friday 1 April 2016, St Hugh’s College Oxford, United Kingdom Free to register. Open to the public. REGISTER HERE The inaugural John Monash Scholars’ Symposium will… Read more »