Joe Gattas – Origami Engineer at Oxford

2010 John Monash Scholar Joe Gattas has completed his first year at Oxford University, in the Engineering Research group led by Dr Zhong You (University Lecturer in Structures). Joe works in the field of “Origami Engineering” – the construction of structures from folded sheets of rigid materials. Origami engineering is a rapidly growing field of manufacturing, finding applications as diverse as deployable space structures and implantable medical devices.

Joe is working with Dr You on an application of origami engineering inspired by the challenges of providing emergency housing following natural disasters – flooding, bushfires, cyclones – in Australia. Their vision is provision of emergency shelters that can be transported as flat sheets and unfolded in the aftermath of natural disasters, without the need for construction machinery.

Dr You’s work is profiled in the online issue of Science Magazine, and Joe’s application is cited (attached).