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The eruption of Mt Pinatubo in 1991 released 20 million tonnes of reflective particles into the atmosphere, resulting in a global cooling of 0.5°C for the next 2 years. Could we, and should we, intentionally inject particles into the stratosphere as a means to counteract climate change? The SPICE project investigated these questions from a scientific, ethical and legal point of view.

About Dr Kirsty Kuo:
Kirsty is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow of the Research Foundation -Flanders, and has been based at KU Leuven in Belgium since May 2015. Prior to this she spent 8 years at the University of Cambridge, completing a PhD on railway vibration and soil-structure interaction, and as a post-doctoral researcher on the UK’s first publicly funded climate engineering project – SPICE. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Australia.

Kirsty’s research involves the development and use of computational methods for the analysis of engineering structures, to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective design. These engineering structures range from underground railway tunnels and multi-storey buildings, to high-altitude balloons and soap bubbles. She also has a keen interest in the ethical, social and legal aspects of new technologies.

Dr Kirsty Kuo, 2007 John Monash Scholar
Post-doctoral Research Fello, Research Foundation – Flanders

About The Change Agenda:
The inaugural John Monash Scholars’ Symposium, The Change Agenda: Leadership and Direction for Australia’s Future, was held in Oxford on 1 April 2016. The UK and Europe based John Monash Scholars used short bite size presentations to inform a conversation on global trends, and provoke discussion about appropriate responses to them. Each area of discussion, Drivers of Change, Our Human Response, Harnessing Technology, and Leading the Region,  included 5-6 presentations, was chaired by an eminent Australian and took questions from the floor.