John Monash Scholars’ Symposium

The Change Agenda

Leadership and Direction for Australia’s Future

Inaugural John Monash Scholars’ Symposium
Friday 1 April 2016, St Hugh’s College
Oxford, United Kingdom

The John Monash Scholars currently studying and living in Europe want to share some of the excitement of their learning experiences. They have curated a series of short presentations on topical issues which are impacting Australia and the world. We hope you can join us either at Oxford or view their presentations online.

The John Monash Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Australians, enabling them to study overseas to seek and perhaps find solutions to the world’s greatest problems. The John Monash Scholars are extremely grateful for the support provided by the Foundation’s supporters and they are excited to share their new found knowledge with the community.

It is in this spirit of sharing and collaboration that the idea to hold a symposium was developed. As many Scholars are currently studying in Europe it was decided that the Foundation’s inaugural symposium would be held in the United Kingdom. The Foundation and Scholars plan to organise regular symposiums in the future, both in Australia and overseas. John Monash Scholars are leaders across a diverse range of disciplines and their short presentations will offer a unique insight into the topics that our Scholars are exploring in their postgraduate studies and careers. The event will also include panel discussions so that guests and Scholars can together discuss topics that will have an impact on Australia’s future.

We would be delighted if you could join us for this inaugural one-day event. As friends of the Foundation we ask you to please help us promote the symposium by forwarding this invitation to individuals in your network whom you believe would be interested in the opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s finest minds. If you are unable to attend we are planning to upload the presentations on our website and social media in the weeks and months following the event.


Areas of Discussion

Drivers of Change: Presentations on the impact of nano-technology, the future of healthcare, and the changing environment.

Our Human Response: Presentations on character and leadership, poetry and the modern apology, and LGBTI representation in teen literature.

Harnessing Technology: Presentations on ‘smart’ cities, big data, and medical technology.

Leading the Region: Presentations on the impact of migration, clean tech entrepreneurship, and regional climate change.

Major Sponsor

Lee Liberman Foundation

The John Monash Community Programs, including the symposium and alumni leadership and development activities, are generously supported by the Lee Liberman Foundation.

Symposium Supporters

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