Q. When do applications open?

A. Applications open yearly on the 1st of May and close on the 1st of August.

Q. I plan on completing an application in this Scholarship round, my proposed study starts later this year, am I eligible to apply?

A. No, to be eligible for the John Monash Scholarship you must plan on undertaking your postgraduate degree the year after application and selection. E.g. applying in 2018 for a PhD commencing at any stage throughout 2019. Please note that it is not a part of the eligibility criteria to have already been accepted into your course. Depending on the application intakes for your proposed course of study it is only necessary that you have applied or plan on applying.

Q. Who should I nominate as referees?

A. You must have two references submitted with your application. Referees should be the most senior people who can speak to your leadership capabilities, whether they be an academic or industry based referral.

Q. Is there average grade (distinction/high distinction) requirement to be eligible to apply?

A. No, this is not a part of the eligibility criteria to apply. However, the expectation is that academic results will be outstanding. If there are variables in your grades throughout your academic career, it would be expected that applicants give context to this in their application.

Q. When will I hear if my application is being progressed?

A. Applications close on August 1st. All applicants should expect to hear if they are being progressed to the state interview round in the last week of August. This notification will be by email.

Q. I was unsuccessful in my application for the John Monash Scholarship this year, am I able to apply again next year?

A. Yes. There is no limit to the number of times you can apply for the John Monash Scholarship. Feedback from your prior application can be provided.